Money Myths and Misconceptions
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Have you been going along without realizing you’re following misguided information? If you want to strengthen your foundation for making sound financial decisions, don’t assume what you’ve been told in the past is always true. There are numerous money... Read More

How to Avoid Money Fights

Financial issues are commonly cited as a primary cause of divorce. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to minimize money fights and create peace within your home. Here are my top 7 tips for handling those financial disputes: 1. Understand that you... Read More

Setting Financial Boundaries with Friends and Family

Have you ever considered the impact other people have on your finances? Even if you love your friends and family, some of them might be a hazard to your financial health. It’s possible you might not have noticed the negative impact the... Read More

5 Steps to Prepare for Holiday Spending

Do you have anxiety or fear when you start thinking about holiday spending? Too many families go into debt each holiday. It adds unnecessary and unwanted stress to what should be a joyous season. It’s certainly no way to spend... Read More

Money Management for Teens

Sometimes, it’s hard as parents to watch your teens squander their allowance or money they’ve earned from a job. You want them to do better, but how do you teach them? Or maybe you are just beginning with the... Read More

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