Talk Money Before Marriage

Q: I just got engaged and while I’m really excited about it, my fiancé and I haven’t really discussed money issues. For the most part, we’ve kept our finances to ourselves. At first, I thought we would talk about it when the time was right, but now that we’re engaged, I’m not sure how to approach it. Shouldn’t I know something about how he handles his money before we say, “I do?” What exactly … Read More

30 Days to Better Money Habits

Welcome to 2017! If the new year has you thinking that you need to improve your money skills, I have some suggestions for you. First, I recommend that you take a look at my post on how to set meaningful goals. Second, I suggest you start with some simple ways to create better money habits, which is what this post is all about. Here’s the thing — as much goal planning and resolution setting … Read More

Join the [FREE] Financial Life Jump Start Challenge

JOIN ME IN THIS FREE 16 DAY CHALLENGE WHERE I WILL WALK YOU THROUGH THE KEY STEPS TO MAKING WISE FINANCIAL DECISIONS SO YOU CAN GET MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. Each day during the challenge, I’ll host a Facebook Live session to give you an action item to focus on. If you can’t join us live, not to worry. The sessions will be recorded and posted on Facebook for watching later during the challenge. When … Read More

[Podcast] Episode 004: Allowances for Kids…What Works?

It’s back to school season and a time for fresh starts and new habits. It can be a perfect time, too, for setting expectations with your children and establishing rules for receiving allowances. In this podcast episode, I’m sharing shares ideas on a few different ways you can approach allowances to come up with a system that works best for your family.   [tweetthis]Back to school season is a great time to talk money … Read More

[Podcast] Episode 003: How Managing Money is Like Training a Puppy

My family has a new puppy, Biscuit. Of course, as a financial planner, this made me think about how similar managing money is to training a puppy. So in this pocast episode, I’m sharing my thoughts on what you can learn about personal finance from the canine world. And, yes, that’s Biscuit in the photo. I also answer an “Ask Mary” question from a follower that is getting ready to start her own legal … Read More

Quick Fixes When You Blow Your Budget

No matter how financially responsible you may try to be, financial slip-ups can happen. A common one is when you blow your budget. Unfortunately, once you blow your budget, it gets easier to lose focus. It’s like being on a diet and having a piece of cake. Many people will think, “Heck, I’ve already blown my diet. I may as well have two pieces of cake.” It’s a reason why many people don’t even bother … Read More

Get Your Finances Organized

I get it. Your life is busy and it can be tempting to let financial organization fall to the side. The truth is, though, being disorganized can hurt you! Late payments can cost substantial fees and finance charges. Overlooked information can jeopardize your security and cause you to miss important deadlines. Not to worry, though. You’ll find that you can easily make progress by taking some simple steps to rid yourself of the clutter and … Read More

Money Myths and Misconceptions

Have you been going along without realizing you’re following misguided information? If you want to strengthen your foundation for making sound financial decisions, don’t assume what you’ve been told in the past is always true. There are numerous money myths and misconceptions that people hold onto and can work against them. Here are a few common ones to consider: 1. Money and happiness aren’t correlated. Actually, a study done at Princeton University showed that there … Read More

How to Avoid Money Fights

Financial issues are commonly cited as a primary cause of divorce. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to minimize money fights and create peace within your home. Here are my top 7 tips for handling those financial disputes: 1. Understand that you each have a unique perspective on money. We all have deeply held beliefs about money, many of which we are not even aware of. It is understood that these beliefs are started and formed at a young age … Read More

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