Repairing Bad Credit: Yes,You Can

In some cases, bad credit is a result of irresponsible money management. But it often occurs because of unexpected financial hardship. One day you might have all of your bills current, and the next you could become disabled or lose your job. And if you fall behind on your debts, it will wreak havoc on your credit rating. Credit repair agencies claim that they can remove bad entries from your credit report. But did … Read More

What you need to know before marrying someone with bad credit

Question: I’m marrying someone with bad credit. How will it impact my credit? Answer:  Even if you’ve had spotless credit, you may be turned down for credit cards or loans that you apply for together if your spouse has had serious problems. It’s a good idea to deal with this issue now rather than wait until after you’re married to discuss it. Attitudes toward spending money, along with credit and debt problems, often lead … Read More